Friday, 21 November 2014

Takeover Day

We are year 6 pupils from Gledhow Primary School and we are dementia friends.

We have had the amazing opportunity to be part of the NHS Takeover day at the Shine Centre in Harehills. Takeover day is where children get to take over the world of work and this has been an amazing opportunity to learn about Dementia  and how it affects the sufferer we learned how to approach and talk to someone with dementia.

Today was a special day because there was some new staff for the NHS here for induction .we made a display board about dementia friends and showed it in a market stall for takeover day. New NHS staff were looking at the different stalls. Bunting and drawings were used to attract their attention, sometimes they came to ours, so we asked them a question ‘If someone reacted to you in a strange way, how would you deal with it?’   Also we had the opportunity to browse the stalls ourselves finding out about other parts of the NHS. We were able to go around and ask people in the NHS about what their favourite bit in their job. I have learnt a lot about what peoples jobs are in the NHS such as; library services, weight management, safe guarding, trade union and a lot more.

We think it was really fun and informative and think that it should definitely happen again!

Written by:

Marley, Hussein, Evie, Charlotte, Ewan, Lucy, Aimee and Mohsin

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  1. Congratulations to our newest 10 Dementia Friends. Really glad you took part in Takeover Day and enjoyed it so much. We'd love to do it all again!

    Em Brown
    Membership and Involvement Manager
    Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust