Friday, 17 July 2015

What do you know about the trust's Board of Directors?

The Trust’s Board Meeting takes place every month with members of the public welcome to attend. But what do the people of Leeds really know about what happens around the table? Three members of staff, who attended their first Board meeting in July, share their experiences.

“I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, and to be really honest, I thought it might be a little dull! I imagined there would be a focus on the money we need to save as an organisation, and that I wouldn't understand a lot of the discussion, but it wasn't, and I did. It was interesting, informative and reassuring.

The meeting was far from dull because it was about people and the work that we are all doing in the trust. There were familiar things being discussed, like recruitment and retention, capacity and demand, nurse revalidation, pressure in the neighbourhood teams and the impact on us of increased admissions to Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. The overriding priority however, was how we best support our greatest asset- our staff, in service of the patients we serve.

Being an observer is always interesting, and of particular note was the dynamic between the people around the table. There was seriousness and laughter. The challenge from the Non-Executive Directors for the Senior Management Team was reassuring in terms of being held to account. The challenge was received, not in a defensive way, but as a platform to clarify, share actions and learning, and determine where further work may be required.

I left the meeting with a sense of hope that the focus is on the right thing- ‘our people’, and that we have a real opportunity together to create the culture we all aspire to be part of. I would highly recommend any one to attend and observe.”

Lisa Falkingham
Service Improvement Team

“I have been to a number of Board meetings outside Leeds Community Healthcare and they are more like a ‘talk shop’ where actually nothing gets agreed or decided. Was this Board meeting going to be different? I went with an open mind!  

In return, I found the LCH Board meeting captivating, as they were discussing topical issues which are being experienced by front line staff, and the knowledge round the table was fantastic. It made me understand the wider context of health and social care within Leeds, including the pressures of recruitment, retention and training, all whilst continuing to provide the highest possible quality of care. I found it very inspiring to watch the Board, including Non-Execs, discuss a range of issues with passion and energy in a very challenging economic environment.  My respect for each one of them was raised a notch, and actually felt lucky to be living and working in Leeds.” 

Arifa Chakera
Programme Management Office

“I found the Board meeting interesting and informative, and came away with the impression that our board are a good mix of people. The Non-Executive Directors positively challenge our Directors on many aspects, who in turn are happy to provide more narrative on each topic.  I would recommend people to go along to the Public Board meeting as we so often get stuck in our own individual silos of work we miss the bigger picture.”

Linda Dobrzanska

Research Team

Minutes for the Board Meeting can be found on LCH's website here

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